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Coals of fire over Jerusalem – Cherubim, a wheel within a wheel, and living creatures by the Kebar River (Ezekiel 10:1 – 10:20)

After the man clothed in linen returned with word that all the righteous in the city had been marked to be spared from the slaughter, Ezekiel saw the likeness of…
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King Nebuchadnezzar demands the wise men tell him his dream – then Daniel and the wise men are sentenced to execution (Daniel 2:1 – 2:18)

  In the second year of his reign (603 BC), Nebuchadnezzar had more dreams. His mind was troubled and he could not sleep. The king summoned the magicians, enchanters, sorcerers,…
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Joseph reveals his true identity to his brothers – and offers them a home in Egypt (Genesis 45:1 – 45:28)

After Judah plead with Joseph to allow them to return home with their younger brother, Benjamin, Joseph could no longer contain himself and cried out, “Have everyone leave my presence!”…
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