Detailed outline of the Book of Daniel

Prologue: The Setting (ch. 1; in Hebrew) Historical Introduction (1:1–2) Daniel and His Friends Are Taken Captive (1:3–7) The Young Men Are Faithful (1:8–16) The Young Men Are Elevated to High Positions (1:17–21) The Destinies of the Nations of the World (chs. 2–7; in Aramaic, beginning at 2:4b) Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream…
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Detailed outline of the Book of Hosea

Superscription (1:1) The Unfaithful Wife and the Faithful Husband (1:2—3:5) The Children as Signs (1:2—2:1) The Unfaithful Wife (2:2–23) The Lord’s judgment of Israel (2:2–13) The Lord’s restoration of Israel (2:14–23) The Faithful Husband (ch. 3) The Unfaithful Nation and the Faithful God (chs. 4–14) Israel’s Unfaithfulness (4:1—6:3) The general…
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Detailed outline of the Book of Amos

Superscription (1:1) Introduction to Amos’s Message (1:2) Oracles against the Nations, including Judah and Israel (1:3—2:16) Judgment on Aram (1:3–5) Judgment on Philistia (1:6–8) Judgment on Phoenicia (1:9–10) Judgment on Edom (1:11–12) Judgment on Ammon (1:13–15) Judgment on Moab (2:1–3) Judgment on Judah (2:4–5) Judgment on Israel (2:6–16) Ruthless oppression…
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Detailed outline of the Book of Obadiah

Title and introduction (1) Judgment on Edom (2-14) Edom’s Destruction Announced (2-7) The Humbling of her Pride (2-4) The Completeness of her destruction (5-7) Edom’s Destruction Reaffirmed (8-14) Her Shame and Destruction (8-10) Her Crimes Against Israel (11-14) The Day of the Lord (15-21) Judgment on the Nations but Deliverance…
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Detailed outline of the Book of Jonah

Jonah Flees His Mission (chs. 1–2) Jonah’s Commission and Flight (1:1–3) The Endangered Sailors’ Cry to Their Gods (1:4–6) Jonah’s Disobedience Exposed (1:7–10) Jonah’s Punishment and Deliverance (1:11—2:1; 2:10) His Prayer of Thanksgiving (2:2–9) Jonah Reluctantly Fulfills His Mission (chs. 3–4) Jonah’s Renewed Commission and Obedience (3:1–4) The Endangered Ninevites’…
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Detailed outline of the Book of Micah

Title (1:1) First Cycle: Judgment and Restoration of Israel and Judah (1:2—2:13) Judgment on Israel and Judah (1:2—2:11) The predicted destruction (1:2–7) Lamentation over the destruction (1:8–16) Woe to oppressive land-grabbers (2:1–5) Condemnation of the wealthy wicked and their false prophets (2:6–11) Restoration of a Remnant (2:12–13) Second Cycle: Indictment…
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Detailed outline of the Book of Nahum

Title (1:1) Nineveh’s Judge (1:2–15) The Lord’s Kindness and Sternness (1:2–8) Nineveh’s Overthrow and Judah’s Joy (1:9–15) Nineveh’s Judgment (ch. 2) Nineveh Besieged (2:1–10) Nineveh’s Desolation Contrasted with Her Former Glory (2:11–13) Nineveh’s Total Destruction (ch. 3) Nineveh’s Sins (3:1–4) Nineveh’s Doom (3:5–19)
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Detailed outline of the Book of Habakkuk

Title (1:1) Habakkuk’s First Complaint: Why does the evil in Judah go unpunished? (1:2–4) God’s Answer: The Babylonians will punish Judah (1:5–11) Habakkuk’s Second Complaint: How can a just God use wicked Babylonia to punish a people more righteous than themselves? (1:12—2:1) God’s Answer: Babylonia will be punished, and faith…
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Detailed outline of the Book of Zephaniah

Introduction (1:1–3) Title: The Prophet Identified (1:1) Prologue: Double Announcement of Total Judgment (1:2–3) The Day of the Lord Coming on Judah and the Nations (1:4–18) Judgment on the Idolaters in Judah (1:4–9) Wailing throughout Jerusalem (1:10–13) The Inescapable Day of the Lord’s Wrath (1:14–18) God’s Judgment on the Nations…
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