Detailed outline of the Book of Ezra – Exiles’ return, rebuilding of the Temple, reforms introduced

First Return from Exile and Rebuilding of the Temple (chs. 1–6) First Return of the Exiles (ch. 1) The edict of Cyrus (1:1–4) The return under Sheshbazzar (1:5–11) List of Returning Exiles (ch. 2) Revival of Temple Worship (ch. 3) The rebuilding of the altar (3:1–3) The Feast of Tabernacles…
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Detailed outline of the Book of Nehemiah – First and Second Administration

Nehemiah’s First Administration (chs. 1–12) Nehemiah’s Response to the Situation in Jerusalem (ch. 1) News of the plight of Jerusalem (1:1–4) Nehemiah’s prayer (1:5–11) Nehemiah’s Journey to Jerusalem (2:1–10) The king’s permission (2:1–8) The journey itself (2:9–10) Nehemiah’s First Actions upon Arrival (2:11–20) His nocturnal inspection of the walls (2:11–16)…
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Detailed outline of the Book of Esther –

The Feasts of Xerxes (1:1—2:18) Vashti Deposed (ch. 1) Esther Made Queen (2:1–18) The Feasts of Esther (2:19—7:10) Mordecai Uncovers a Plot (2:19–23) Haman’s Plot (ch. 3) Mordecai Persuades Esther to Help (ch. 4) Esther’s Request to the King: Her First Banquet (5:1–8) A Sleepless Night (5:9—6:14) Haman Hanged: Esther’s…
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Detailed outline of the Book of Job – Job’s testing, speeches, monologues, and divine discourse

Prologue (chs. 1–2) Job’s Happiness (1:1–5) Job’s Testing (1:6—2:13) Satan’s first accusation (1:6–12) Job’s faith despite loss of family and property (1:13–22) Satan’s second accusation (2:1–6) Job’s faith during personal suffering (2:7–10) The coming of the three friends (2:11–13) Dialogue-Dispute (chs. 3–27) Job’s Opening Lament (ch. 3) First Cycle of…
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Detailed outline of the Book of Proverbs

Prologue: Purpose and Theme (1:1–7) The Superiority of the Way of Wisdom (1:8—9:18) Appeals and Warnings Confronting Youth (1:8–33) Enticements to secure happiness by violence (1:8–19) Warnings against rejecting wisdom (1:20–33) Commendation of Wisdom (chs. 2–4) Benefits of accepting wisdom’s instructions (ch. 2) Wisdom bestows well-being (3:1–20) Wisdom’s instructions and…
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Detailed outline of the Book of Ecclesiastes – two discourses on life and death

Author (1:1) Theme: The meaninglessness of human efforts on earth apart from God (1:2) Introduction: The profitlessness of human toil to accumulate things in order to achieve happiness (1:3–11) Discourse, Part 1: In spite of life’s apparent enigmas and meaninglessness, it is to be enjoyed as a gift from God…
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Detailed outline of the Book of Isaiah – prophecies, judgement, woes

Messages of Rebuke and Promise (chs. 1–6) Introduction: Charges against Judah for Breaking the Covenant (ch. 1) The Future Discipline and Glory of Judah and Jerusalem (chs. 2–4) Jerusalem’s future blessings (2:1–5) The Lord’s discipline of Judah (2:6—4:1) The restoration of Zion (4:2–6) The Nation’s Judgment and Exile (ch. 5)…
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Detailed outline of the book of Jeremiah – Exhortations to Judah, fall of Jerusalem, judgment against nations

Call of the Prophet (ch. 1) Warnings and Exhortations to Judah (chs. 2–35) Earliest Discourses (chs. 2–6) Temple Message (chs. 7–10) Covenant and Conspiracy (chs. 11–13) Messages concerning the Drought (chs. 14–15) Disaster and Comfort (16:1—17:18) Command to Keep the Sabbath Holy (17:19–27) Lessons from the Potter (chs. 18–20) Condemnation…
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