Detailed outline of the Book of John (The Gospel According to John)

Prologue: The Word Became Flesh (1:1–18) The Beginning of Jesus’ Ministry (1:19–51) John the Baptist’s Testimony about Jesus (1:19–34) John’s Disciples Follow Jesus (1:35–42) Jesus Calls Philip and Nathanael (1:43–51) Jesus’ Public Ministry: Signs and Discourses (chs. 2–11) Changing Water into Wine (2:1–11) Cleansing the Temple (2:12–25) Jesus Teaches Nicodemus…
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Detailed outline of the Book of Acts (of the Apostles)

Peter and the Beginnings of the Church in the Holy Land (chs. 1–12) “Throughout Judea, Galilee and Samaria” (1:1—9:31; see 9:31 and note) Introduction (1:1–2) Christ’s resurrection ministry (1:3–11) The period of waiting for the Holy Spirit (1:12–26) The filling with the Spirit (ch. 2) The healing of the lame…
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Detailed outline of the Book of Romans

Introduction (1:1–15) Theme: Righteousness fro4m God (1:16–17) The Unrighteousness of All People (1:18—3:20) Gentiles (1:18–32) Jews (2:1—3:8) Summary: All People (3:9–20) Righteousness Imputed: Justification (3:21—5:21) Through Christ (3:21–26) Received by Faith (3:27—4:25) The principle established (3:27–31) The principle illustrated (ch. 4) The Fruits of Righteousness (5:1–11) Summary: Humanity’s Unrighteousness Contrasted…
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1 Corinthians

Detailed outline of 1 Corinthians

Introduction (1:1–9) Divisions in the Church (1:10—4:21) The Fact of the Divisions (1:10–17) The Causes of the Divisions (1:18—4:13) A wrong conception of the Christian message (1:18—3:4) A wrong conception of Christian ministry and ministers (3:5—4:5) A wrong conception of the Christian (4:6–13) The Exhortation to End the Divisions (4:14–21)…
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2 Corinthians

Detailed outline of 2 Corinthians

Apologetic: Paul’s Explanation of His Conduct and Apostolic Ministry (chs. 1–7) Greetings (1:1–2) Thanksgiving for Divine Comfort in Affliction (1:3–11) The Integrity of Paul’s Motives and Conduct (1:12—2:4) Forgiving the Offending Party at Corinth (2:5–11) God’s Direction in Ministry (2:12–17) The Corinthian Believers—a Letter from Christ (3:1–11) Seeing the Glory…
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Detailed outline of the Book of Galatians

Introduction (1:1–10) Greetings (1:1–5) Denunciation (1:6–10) Personal: Authentication of the Apostle of Liberty and Faith (1:11—2:21) Paul’s Gospel Was Received by Special Revelation (1:11–12) Paul’s Gospel Was Independent of the Jerusalem Apostles and the Judean Churches (1:13—2:21) Evidenced by his early activities as a Christian (1:13–17) Evidenced by his first…
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Detailed outline of the Book of Ephesians

Greetings (1:1–2) The Divine Purpose: The Glory and Headship of Christ (1:3–14) Prayer That Christians May Realize God’s Purpose and Power (1:15–23) Steps Toward the Fulfillment of God’s Purpose (chs. 2–3) Salvation of Individuals by Grace (2:1–10) Reconciliation of Jew and Gentile through the Cross (2:11–18) Uniting of Jew and…
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Detailed outline of the Book of Philippians

Greetings (1:1–2) Thanksgiving and Prayer for the Philippians (1:3–11) Paul’s Personal Circumstances (1:12–26) Exhortations (1:27—2:18) Living a Life Worthy of the Gospel (1:27–30) Following the Servant Attitude of Christ (2:1–18) Paul’s Associates in the Gospel (2:19–30) Timothy (2:19–24) Epaphroditus (2:25–30) Warnings against Judaizers and Antinomians (3:1—4:1) Against Judaizers or Legalists…
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Detailed outline of the Book of Colossians

Introduction (1:1–14) Greetings (1:1–2) Thanksgiving (1:3–8) Prayer (1:9–14) The Supremacy of Christ (1:15–23) Paul’s Labor for the Church (1:24—2:7) His Ministry for the Sake of the Church (1:24–29) His Concern for the Spiritual Welfare of His Readers (2:1–7) Freedom from Human Regulations through Life with Christ (2:8–23) Warning to Guard…
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1 Thessalonians

Detailed outline of 1 Thessalonians

The Thanksgiving for the Thessalonians (ch. 1) The Grounds for the Thanksgiving (1:1–4) The Genuineness of the Grounds (1:5–10) The Defense of the Apostolic Actions and Absence (chs. 2–3) The Defense of the Apostolic Actions (2:1–16) The Defense of the Apostolic Absence (2:17—3:10) The Prayer (3:11–13) The Exhortations to the…
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