1 Thessalonians

Detailed outline of 1 Thessalonians

The Thanksgiving for the Thessalonians (ch. 1) The Grounds for the Thanksgiving (1:1–4) The Genuineness of the Grounds (1:5–10) The Defense of the Apostolic Actions and Absence (chs. 2–3) The Defense of the Apostolic Actions (2:1–16) The Defense of the Apostolic Absence (2:17—3:10) The Prayer (3:11–13) The Exhortations to the…
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2 Thessalonians

Detailed outline of 2 Thessalonians

Introduction (ch. 1) Greetings (1:1–2) Thanksgiving for Their Faith, Love and Perseverance (1:3–10) Intercession for Their Spiritual Progress (1:11–12) Instruction (ch. 2) Prophecy regarding the Day of the Lord (2:1–12) Thanksgiving for Their Election and Calling (Their Position) (2:13–15) Prayer for Their Service and Testimony (Their Practice) (2:16–17) Injunctions (ch.…
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1 Timothy

Detailed outline of 1 Timothy

Greetings (1:1–2) Warning against False Teachers (1:3–11) The Nature of the Heresy (1:3–7) The Purpose of the Law (1:8–11) The Lord’s Grace to Paul (1:12–17) The Purpose of Paul’s Instructions to Timothy (1:18–20) Instructions concerning Church Administration (chs. 2–3) Public Worship (ch. 2) Prayer in public worship (2:1–8) Women in…
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2 Timothy

Detailed outline of 2 Timothy

Introduction (1:1–4) Paul’s Concern for Timothy (1:5–14) Paul’s Situation (1:15–18) Special Instructions to Timothy (ch. 2) Call for Endurance (2:1–13) Warning about Foolish Controversies (2:14–26) Warning about the Last Days (ch. 3) Terrible Times (3:1–9) Means of Combating Them (3:10–17) Paul’s Departing Remarks (4:1–8) Charge to Preach the Word (4:1–5)…
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Detailed outline of the Book of Titus

Greetings (1:1–4) Concerning Elders (1:5–9) Reasons for Leaving Titus in Crete (1:5) Qualifications of Elders (1:6–9) Concerning False Teachers (1:10–16) Concerning Various Groups in the Congregations (ch. 2) The Instructions to Different Groups (2:1–10) The Foundation for Christian Living (2:11–14) The Duty of Titus (2:15) Concerning Believers in General (3:1–8)…
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Detailed outline of the Book (Letter or Epistle) of Hebrews

Prologue: The Superiority of God’s New Revelation (1:1–4) The Superiority of Christ to Leading Figures under the Old Covenant (1:5—7:28) Christ Is Superior to the Angels (1:5—2:18) Scriptural proof of his superiority (1:5–14) Exhortation not to ignore the revelation of God in his Son (2:1–4) Jesus was made a little…
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Detailed outline of the Book (Letter of) of James

Greetings (1:1) Trials and Temptations (1:2–18) The Testing of Faith (1:2–12) The Source of Temptation (1:13–18) Listening and Doing (1:19–27) Favoritism Forbidden (2:1–13) Faith and Deeds (2:14–26) Taming the Tongue (3:1–12) Two Kinds of Wisdom (3:13–18) Warning against Worldliness (ch. 4) Quarrelsomeness (4:1–3) Spiritual Unfaithfulness (4:4) Pride (4:5–10) Slander (4:11–12)…
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1 Peter

Detailed outline of 1 Peter

Greetings (1:1–2) Praise to God for His Grace and Salvation (1:3–12) Exhortations to Holiness of Life (1:13—5:11) The Requirement of Holiness (1:13—2:3) The Position of Believers (2:4–12) A spiritual house (2:4–8) A chosen people (2:9–10) Aliens and strangers (2:11–12) Submission to Authority (2:13—3:7) Submission to rulers (2:13–17) Submission to masters…
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2 Peter

Detailed outline of 2 Peter

Greetings (1:1–2) Exhortation to Growth in Christian Virtues (1:3–11) The Divine Enablement (1:3–4) The Call for Growth (1:5–7) The Value of Such Growth (1:8–11) The Purpose and Authentication of Peter’s Message (1:12–21) His Aim in Writing (1:12–15) The Basis of His Authority (1:16–21) Warning against False Teachers (ch. 2) Their…
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