Detailed outline of the Book (Letter of) of James

Greetings (1:1) Trials and Temptations (1:2–18) The Testing of Faith (1:2–12) The Source of Temptation (1:13–18) Listening and Doing (1:19–27) Favoritism Forbidden (2:1–13) Faith and Deeds (2:14–26) Taming the Tongue (3:1–12) Two Kinds of Wisdom (3:13–18) Warning against Worldliness (ch. 4) Quarrelsomeness (4:1–3) Spiritual Unfaithfulness (4:4) Pride (4:5–10) Slander (4:11–12)…
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1 Peter

Detailed outline of 1 Peter

Greetings (1:1–2) Praise to God for His Grace and Salvation (1:3–12) Exhortations to Holiness of Life (1:13—5:11) The Requirement of Holiness (1:13—2:3) The Position of Believers (2:4–12) A spiritual house (2:4–8) A chosen people (2:9–10) Aliens and strangers (2:11–12) Submission to Authority (2:13—3:7) Submission to rulers (2:13–17) Submission to masters…
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2 Peter

Detailed outline of 2 Peter

Greetings (1:1–2) Exhortation to Growth in Christian Virtues (1:3–11) The Divine Enablement (1:3–4) The Call for Growth (1:5–7) The Value of Such Growth (1:8–11) The Purpose and Authentication of Peter’s Message (1:12–21) His Aim in Writing (1:12–15) The Basis of His Authority (1:16–21) Warning against False Teachers (ch. 2) Their…
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1 John

Detailed outline of 1 John

Introduction: The Reality of the Incarnation (1:1–4) The Christian Life as Fellowship with the Father and the Son (1:5—2:28) Ethical Tests of Fellowship (1:5—2:11) Moral likeness (1:5–7) Confession of sin (1:8—2:2) Obedience (2:3–6) Love for fellow believers (2:7–11) Two Digressions (2:12–17) Christological Test of Fellowship (2:18–28) Contrast: apostates versus believers…
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Detailed outline of the Book of Revelation – end-times events, symbols, and entities witnessed by John

Written by "John" and included as the last book in the New Testament, the book of Revelation is often difficult to interpret, comprehend, and place in context with the rest of the Bible.  Its supernatural, apocalyptic message is often richly symbolic and difficult to understand.  But this is typically due…
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