Ancient Texts

The Apocalypse of Thomas (ancient apocryphal texts)

Introduction The Apocalypse of Thomas is a work from the New Testament apocrypha, apparently composed originally in Greek. It is the inspiration for the popular medieval millennial list Fifteen Signs before Doomsday. The text was written in Greek between the second and the fourth century. There are two recensions of the text, the second one of which…
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The opening of six of the seven seals and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Revelation 6:1-6:17)

After the “Lamb” (Jesus) opened the book bound with seven seals, John, standing among “four animals”, the 24 elders, and thousands of angels, saw the following. When the first seal was opened, John heard thunder. A lion-like animal shouted, “Come!” John saw a white horse and a rider with a bow…
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Modern Day Lessons

Who is the Antichrist? List of the top characteristics and clues to identify The Beast referenced in the Bible

The Antichrist (also known as The Beast) is described in Revelation, 2 Thessalonians, Daniel, and other Old and New Testament books. Direct allusions to The Beast tell us there is to be an individual known variously as the Antichrist (note the capital “A” as compared to the more generic anti-christ…
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