Ignoring social constructs, Jesus touches and heals a leper (Matthew 8:1 – 8:4)

After Jesus completed his Sermon on the Mount, he came down from the mountainside. Large crowds of people followed him (recall that prior verses tell us the people were “astonished” at his teachings). A man with leprosy approached Jesus and knelt before him. He said, “Lord, if you are willing,…
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With war against radical Islamic ISIS/ISIL imminent, why does President Obama call on compassion for all Muslims?

President Obama refuses to call the war against ISIS a religious war? President Obama issued an emotional call to Americans today, cautioning United States citizens against labeling the looming war against ISIS (aka ISIL) a religious war. To many Americans, this likely appears contradictory and confusing. After all, ISIS is…
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Isaac’s wealth and power threaten others (Genesis 26:12 – 26:25)

After Abimeleh issued orders to the citizens that nobody should harm Isaac or his family, Isaac had a very successful year with his crops (despite a famine in the land). Because God had blessed Isaac – he reaped a hundred times what he had sown. Isaac became rich and his fortune continued to…
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