Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dreams – becomes the second most powerful man in Egypt (Genesis 41:1 – 41:57)

Two years after Joseph interpreted the dreams for the cupbearer and the baker, Pharaoh had a dream. He was standing by the Nile when out of the river comes seven beautiful, healthy cows that begin grazing among the reeds. After that, seven other cows, gaunt and mangy, come up out…
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The opening of six of the seven seals and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Revelation 6:1-6:17)

After the “Lamb” (Jesus) opened the book bound with seven seals, John, standing among “four animals”, the 24 elders, and thousands of angels, saw the following. When the first seal was opened, John heard thunder. A lion-like animal shouted, “Come!” John saw a white horse and a rider with a bow…
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