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Introduction and detailed outline of the Book of Genesis – creation, world history, history of the patriarchs

The original Hebrew title of Genesis is bereshit (BEHR-uh-shith) which means, "in beginning".  This was later translated to Greek and given the title "Genesis", which means beginning or origin, which…
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Detailed outline of the book of Deuteronomy – the Covenant stipulations, blessings, curses, leadership

Preamble (1:1–5) Historical Prologue (1:6—4:43) Stipulations of the Covenant (4:44—26:19) The Great Commandment: The Demand for Absolute Allegiance (4:44—11:32) God’s covenant Lordship (4:44—5:33) The principle of consecration (ch. 6) The…
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Detailed outline of the Book of Judges – oppression and deliverance for Israel

Prologue: Incomplete Conquest and Apostasy (1:1—3:6) First Episode: Israel’s Failure to Purge the Land (1:1—2:5) Second Episode: God’s Dealings with Israel’s Rebellion (2:6—3:6) Oppression and Deliverance (3:7—16:31) Othniel Defeats Aram…
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1 Kings

Detailed outline of 1 Kings – Era of Solomon, Jeroboam, the Prophet Elijah

The Solomonic Era (1:1—12:24) Solomon’s Succession to the Throne (1:1—2:12) Solomon’s Throne Established (2:13–46) Solomon’s Wisdom (ch. 3) Solomon’s Reign Characterized (ch. 4) Solomon’s Building Projects (5:1—9:9) Preparation for building…
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