Modern Day Lessons

Religion as a crutch for the weak and wounded? If you use religion as a buffer against life’s struggles, you’re (probably) missing the point.

It’s a common atheist battle cry – “religion is a crutch for weak people with feeble minds”. According to these secular “faith experts”, religion’s sole purpose is to buffer believers from fear – fear of death, love loss, bad health, or any other distressful state of affairs we worry could…
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Jacob wrestles with God – and earns a new name (Genesis 32:22 – 32:32)

During the night, Jacob took his two wives, two female servants, and eleven sons to cross a ford on the Jabbok River. After sending his family across the river, followed by all his possessions, Jacob was left alone. During the night, a “man” wrestled with Jacob. When the man saw…
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